We Work Hard & Aim to Please

"Looking for a homebuilder but don’t know who to trust? My wife & I found ourselves in this situation 1 1⁄2 years ago when our house blew away in the Dec. 26 Garland tornado. Bits & pieces of the house and memories we had built over a lifetime were gone, scattered to parts unknown in the blink of an eye. But Providence had mercy on us, and He brought the Cozarts into our lives. We never had to fret for a moment. They wrapped us in their expertise and brought a crew of craftsmen to bring order back into the chaos. We watched every nail, every board and every piece of our new house as it was built, with communication we hardly dared to expect. A few months after the giant Claw came and swept away the wreckage, we moved back into our home; on time and within the budget we had agreed on. Cyrus provided personal oversight every step of the way and his wife Diane (think Fixer Upper) helped us decide on the features and colors we wanted in our new home. We never had to worry or feel that we weren’t getting exactly what we were promised. Integrity? I’ve met him! I have both of their contact numbers on speed dial in my phone. (and what’s more, they are on my Christmas Card list!) Please contact them to discuss the building or rebuilding of your home; they can be trusted!"
Mike and Cherie T.
This team makes the process simple and easy. They have the knowledge and systems to get the job done!
Alice S.
Honesty and integrity are the two words that best describe Highland Oaks Properties. HIGHLY recommended.
Kristen W.